What We Do

Linked Up Lawyers offers people a choice of the best and most experienced Solicitors from law firms to make it easier for people in a time of crisis to be assured of a quality service.  There are too many Solicitors that claim to be “experts” and by using a Solicitor on this site you can be assured that you will receive free initial, no obligation advice on any query.

If the specialist Solicitor advises that you have a possible case with reasonable prospects of success, you will be able to instruct this Solicitor safe in the knowledge that:

  • They are a specialist Solicitor with a track record in dealing with fatal and/or life-changing injuries;
  • Meetings will be at your home or preferred location – The Solicitor will travel to you anywhere in England and Wales;
  • Funding of the legal case on a “no win, no fee” basis;
  • Our specialist Solicitors do not take a success fee deduction from your compensation, however, due to Government legislation there are two exceptions listed below as a result of an:
    • intentional criminal act resulting in an application for compensation with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) as your legal fees are not covered in this application;
    • injury being caused by the actions of an untraced driver resulting in a claim against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) as your full legal fees are not covered in this claim.

If the specialist Solicitor advises that you do not have reasonable prospects of a successful case then they will still provide you with free initial advice.  All specialist Solicitors on this site have access to a large network of individuals, charities and other third parties that may be able to provide practical support even if you do not have prospects of a case.  These specialist Solicitors have made a commitment to try to help all people who contact them for advice.

Linked Up Lawyers understand how important it is to have direct access to a specialist, qualified and experienced Solicitor straight away, and therefore the Solicitors on this site all provide an exceptionally high standard of client care.  For us, that is what it is all about.

Can I change Solicitors?

All the Solicitors on this site are committed to providing initial free advice, even if you have already instructed a Solicitor.  It is, however, worth bearing in mind that if you start your case with another law firm who charge a large success fee, you may still be tied to this success fee even if you change firms – that is why it is so crucially important to choose the right person for your case from the outset and this is why Linked Up Lawyers are here.

All Solicitors on this site are happy for you to call them to discuss your case on a free, no-obligation consultation.